Shop Room Procedures

In addition to the General Use, Fees and Pickup, and Prohibited Use Procedures applicable to all FabLab Learners, Shop Room Learners must also comply with the following rules:

  1. Authorization to use Shop Room equipment will only be given upon a Learner’s successful completion of the UTA FabLab safety orientation course and subsequent equipment-specific mandatory training.
  2. All Shop Room Learners will be required to execute a Release and Indemnification Agreement before they will be allowed to use the FabLab Shop Room.  After you have had a chance to thoroughly review the document, please print and sign (parents/guardians to sign for minors) and bring the Release with you to the FabLab on your first visit.
  3. A maximum of 5 Learners are permitted within the Shop Room at a time.
  4. Learners present in the Shop Room must wear proper eye and ear protection and sturdy, closed-toe footwear (not ballet flats).  All long hair must be tied back above shoulder height.  Do not wear jewelry or dangling or loose fitting clothes.
  5. Learners must always keep hands, hair, feet, etc. clear of all moving machinery at all times.
  6. Beverages and food are not permitted within the Shop Room.
  7. Learners must refer to machine-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) located next to each machine before using equipment.
  8. Learners must never interrupt or distract someone who is using machinery. Always wait for them to complete their task before talking.
  9. Learners must keep noise levels to a minimum.
  10. Learners must never open any covers, casing, or shrouds while a machine is running or attempt to override any safety measures.
  11. Learners must never leave machines running unattended, including CNC machines.
  12. Learners must never try to stop a machine with their hands or body. Stopping the machine with a body part can result in entanglement, dismemberment or death. Always let moving parts come to a stop under their own power.
  13. Learners must always double-check that all tooling and work pieces are properly supported and clamped prior to starting the machine.
  14. Learners must remove chuck keys, wrenches and other tools from machines after making adjustments. Chuck keys left in the chuck when the machine turns on become dangerous flying objects.
  15. Learners must ask for help when moving awkward or heavy objects to protect themselves and those around them from injury.
  16. Learners should always deburr sharp edges of freshly cut stock. Eliminating burred edges minimizes the chances for personal injury and marring of precision machine surfaces.
  17. Learners must never attempt to squeeze behind someone while they are using machinery. Always stop and wait for them to complete their task before passing.
  18. Prior permission from FabLab staff is required before a Learner may use hazardous materials.
  19. All hazardous materials and chemicals must be properly stored in the locked Shop Room cabinet at all times when not in use.