FabLab Waiting List Policy

During periods of high use, such as before final exams, the FabLab may implement a waiting list for in-demand equipment, such as the 3D printers and laser cutters. This waiting list is not a reservation system, but serves as a means to keep track of who is next in line for certain machines and allows learners to comfortably work elsewhere in the space until their turn comes. Please abide by the following guidelines in order to keep the waiting list system running smoothly:

  1. When entering the FabLab, please check in with a FabLab staff member to be added to the waiting list for the equipment you wish to use and receive your number.
  2. Work with the FabLab staff to ensure that your files are clean and ready for machining. By properly preparing your designs before your number is called, you will help the staff to minimize lag time between machine uses. It is the learner’s responsibility to inspect their models before printing, both for the fidelity of the model and to insure the correct settings and quantity of items are set to run.
  3. Work with the FabLab staff to maximize your bed usage for 3D printing. You may only occupy one 3D printer at a time, but may group multiple files together to maximize the bed area. Bear in mind that if there is a flaw in one of these models, it could result in all of the models failing to print properly.
  4. While we do have a text alert system to notify you of when your number is called, not all phone carriers are supported, and the cell signal can be inconsistent within the building.  To guarantee you will reserve your place in line, remain within the FabLab until your number is called. Should you choose to leave the lab and you are not present when your number is called, you will forfeit your turn and will need to rejoin the end of the waiting list.
  5. You may only receive one number, or place in line, at a time. This will allow the FabLab to serve as many learners as possible.
  6. If your print fails, you must rejoin the waiting list after repairing the file to reprint it. Due to liability and information security purposes, FabLab staff cannot begin reprinting your file without you present.
  7. Check what number the FabLab is currently serving by visiting fabapp.uta.edu. The times listed on the FabApp are estimates generated by Kisslicer, a 3D model slicing program; these estimates are subject to error, and a printer may become available before the projected timespan has passed. For some equipment, such as the 3D printers, more than one machine can become available within a short amount of time. Remain in the lab to ensure that you will not miss your number being called.
  8. Learners may use the laser cutter for a maximum of 1 hour at a time when there is a waiting list. Your 1 hour begins when the FabLab staff starts a ticket for you in the FabApp. It is imperative that you work with the FabLab staff to properly prepare your files before your number is called so that you can maximize your time on the laser.
  9. Come prepared with money loaded on your MavID to pay for lab consumables used during your visit, such as 3D printer filament. You can deposit additional funds to your Mav Money account online at https://mavmoney.uta.edu/ with a debit or credit card. Funds may also be deposited in person at the Office of Student Accounts located in Davis Hall or at one of 2 ValuePort Terminals located on the first floor of the Central library and on the second floor of the University Center between the Mav Express office and the Starbucks.

It is incredibly difficult for FabLab staff to predict what your wait time will be. File errors, machine errors, the high variability in print times, and other learners forfeiting their place on the list all affect how quickly the lab can process these jobs.