Screeny McScreenpress

Screen printing is a printmaking technique that uses a mesh screen to support an ink blocking stencil for transferring images to paper or fabric. The FabLab designed and built Screeny McScreenpress - a four-station screen printing press with micro-registration for aligning multiple-color prints onto paper or fabric.
There is a small screen use fee to cover the costs of rescreening torn and stretched-out mesh. Stencils are created using the FabLab’s vinyl cutter to make a mask for each desired color (standard vinyl charges apply). Learners may print large images that use a 20" x 23" vinyl, or use smaller pieces of vinyl with transfer tape applied to the rest of the screen to prevent accidentally ink seepage.
This process is great for limited runs of relatively simple, blocky images!


Material Size Cost
Screen ~ 16" x 20" print size $0.50/screen
Screen Printing Ink - Water Based Only $0.05/gram
Transfer Tape 23" x ??" $0.10/linear inch
Vinyl Stencil 23" x ??" $0.25/linear inch