Disc/Belt Sanders

The combo disc/belt sanders offer several options to sand down the edges and contours of your workpiece. The FabLab offers one 4x36” belt sander that has a 6” wheel, and one 1x30” belt sander with a 5” wheel. Each of these sanders is fitted with medium-range abrasive grits and many of the plates can be adjusted to sand at an angle. Typically these sanders are used for wood, soft metals, and some plastics

Must attend {General Shop Safety Training} & {Abrasive Tools Training}


Material Size Cost
1"x30" Belt Sandpaper 1"x30" Supplied by Fablab.
4"x36" Belt Sandpaper 4"x36" Supplied by Fablab.
5" Disc Sandpaper 5"Diameter Supplied by Fablab.
6" Disc Sandpaper 6"Diameter Supplied by Fablab.