CNC Plasma Cutter

The CNC Plasma Cutter uses an arc of electricity to ionize a high pressure stream of gas to pierce through metals. The CNC gantry then rapidly and accurately cuts out the learner's design.

Must attend {General Shop Safety Training} & {Plasma Cutter Training}
File Formats: 
.AI .BMP .JPG .SCV .DWG .DXF .ROU .ENR .EPS .FS .PLT .iscript .cut .PDF .xml .xmc


Material Size Cost
Active plasma jet 1 minute $0.25
Sheet metal 4' x 4' Supplied by user

Machine Specifications

Compatible Metals Iron, steel/steel alloys, aluminum/aluminum alloys
Incompatible Metals Lead/other heavy metals, magnesium/high-magnesium content alloys, zinc/zinc-plated/galvanized items, painted metal