Shop Room

Band saws are versatile machines used for making relatively accurate straight and curved cuts through a variety of materials. The FabLab bandsaw currently supports cutting of wood, foam, and some plastics.

The Bench Grinder uses an 8" wheel or brush and can be used to shape or refine edges of metal.

The biscuit joiner uses a shielded circular saw blade to cut a crescent-shaped pocket in wood, primarily used to strengthen hardwood joints by inserting a wooden "biscuit" into matching pockets during glue-up.

The CNC Plasma Cutter uses an arc of electricity to ionize a high pressure stream of gas to pierce through metals. The CNC gantry then rapidly and accurately cuts out the learner's design.

The combo disc/belt sanders offer several options to sand down the edges and contours of your workpiece. The FabLab offers one 4x36” belt sander that has a 6” wheel, and one 1x30” belt sander with a 5” wheel.

Ryobi DP-103L

More than a chop saw, more than a simple miter saw, this wonderful tool can be easily adjusted to a wide variety of positions for making precise, straight cuts in wood.

Chicago Electric 60495

The media blast cabinet is a tool used for quickly stripping paint and corrosion off of items, prepping surfaces for painting, or for texturing them as well.

Milwaukee 0233-20

Chicago Electric 67537

Nibblers are used to easily cut a variety of profiles in sheet metal, ejecting chips and ribbons downward for safety of both operator and workpiece.

Power shears are designed to cut a variety of profiles in sheet metal.

Arrow T50ACD

The Random Orbital Sander is the ideal solution for getting a smooth surface finish on your workpiece.

This powerful jigsaw makes it easy to cut relatively accurate straight and curved profiles in a variety of materials.

The 3HP SawStop Professional Cabinet Table Saw is an intelligently designed update to the traditional heart of the woodshop, making it safer than ever to use this powerful, versatile tool!

The scroll saw makes it simple to cut wood into intricate designs with relative accuracy.

Sherline 4410 CNC Mini-Lathe

Sherline 5410 CNC mini-mill.

The ShopBot PRS Alpha is a full-sheet sized CNC router, with a bed size of 48" x 96" and a Z-travel of 8".