Power supply

The Instek GPD-3303D power supply is used to create and supply precise voltages and amperages to test and power circuitry.

No restrictions

Machine Specifications

Channels 3
Output Voltage Ch 1,2: 0~30V Ch 3: 2.5V/ 3.5 / 5.0V
Output Current 0~3A, all channels
Constant Voltage Line Regulation ≦0.01%+3mV
Constant Voltage Load Regulation ≦0.01%+3mV(rating current ≦3A), ≦0.02%+5mV(rating current>3A)
Ripple (Constant Voltage) ≦1mVrms(5Hz~1MHz)
Noise (Constant Voltage) ≦10mVpp(5Hz~1MHz)
Recover Time (Constant Voltage) ≦100μS(50% Load Change, Minimum Load 0.5A)
Temp Coefficient (Constant Voltage) ≦300ppm / ℃
Constant Current Line Regulation ≦0.2%+3mA