Roland GX-300 Vinyl Cutter

The Roland GX-300 is a high-speed vinyl cutting machine able to handle a wide variety of sheet vinyl material. It is powered by Adobe Illustrator and uses vector art to slice out designs.



Material Size Cost
EnduraMATTE vinyl 23" wide $0.25/linear inch
Transfer Tape 23" x ??" $0.10/linear inch

Machine Specifications

Blade pitches available 30°, 45°, 60°
Cutting area 29" x 984.125"
Cutting force 20-350 gF
Mechanical resolution 0.00049"/step (0.0125mm/step)
Software resolution 0.00098"/step (0.025mm/step)
Repetition accuracy 0.1mm or less (excluding stretching/contraction of the material)
Distance accuracy Error of less than ± 0.2% of distance traveled, or 0.00039 (0.1mm), whichever is greater