Cutting and Etching

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) refers to how a machine controls its basic method of movement.

A CNC machine will read a long list of digital coded information from a computer to move the motors and other positioning systems in order to guide a spindle over the raw material the machine is working on.

A CNC machine uses mathematics and coordinate systems to understand and process information about what to move inside the machine, where to move it to, and how fast to move it. Most CNC machines are able to move in three controlled directions at once on its axes.  The axes are given simple names such as X, Y and Z with the X always being the longest distance a part of the machine must travel.  The Y and Z axes will move from left to right and vertical to complete the job. Each CNC machine operates and positions itself with the use of spindles.

The Boss is an industrial level, 100-watt laser cutter and engraver.  The bed can accommodate materials 24"x36"; additional pass thru's on both axes can allow larger materials to be fed through.

The Helix is a 50-watt laser cutting/engraving machine. It can cut and engrave many materials both organic and non: we have managed to cut and engrave wood, glass, acrylic, and paper products like cardboard or cardstock.

The Roland GX-300 is a high-speed vinyl cutting machine able to handle a wide variety of sheet vinyl material. It is powered by Adobe Illustrator and uses vector art to slice out designs.

The Roland MDX-40A CNC machine combines the advanced capabilities of a Subtractive Rapid Prototyping® (SRP) system with the ease-of-use of a benchtop CNC mill to provide product engineers a

The Silhouette Cameo is a cutting machine that slices your designs out of sheet material, including fabrics.