Adam Williams graduated from UTA in May 2017 with a B.S. in Kinesiology with a focus on biomechanics and prosthetic devices. Adam began in the FabLab as a regular student employee in April 2016 and soon thereafter became a student lead. Adam has worked on several projects for the Fablab including a front-loading wheelchair for a 130lb French Mastiff, modifications and add-ons to equipment, display and demo pieces of various 3D-printer related variables, and a custom prosthetic arm for an 8 year old boy. His strengths include creative problem solving and troubleshooting, rapid prototyping, and conveying complex information in simple terms, he also has 10 years of 3D modeling experience. As the FabLab Specialist, Adam is responsible for coordinating student employee work schedules and trainings, leading outreach efforts, and assisting the technicians with finding solutions to learner and equipment issues!