ShopBot PRS-Alpha

The ShopBot PRS Alpha is a full-sheet sized CNC router, with a bed size of 48" x 96" and a Z-travel of 8".

It is capable of milling any plastic or wood, and is outfitted with an industrial spindle to allow for the milling of nonferrous, or non-iron-containing, metals(aluminum, brass, copper, etc). The ShopBot allows a person to simply draw vector shapes in any software they choose, assign toolpaths to them via the VCarve software, and then automatically cut out the pattern out. Additionally, users can easily create custom tool shapes in order to incorporate any type of bit or endmill they desire. The ShopBot has a very high step resolution and can reliably achieve repeatable movements of 0.002"/0.01 mm in precision - making it capable of easily creating anything from traditional woodwork to intricate custom circuit board traces.

Specific safety, usage, and software training required
File Formats: 
SBP(ShopBot instruction code), CRV, DXF, DWG, EPS, AI, PDF


Material Size Cost
Endmill - FabLab Supplied HSS 0.25" 2-flute endmill $11
Endmill - Learner Supplied 0.125" - 0.5" shank Supplied by user
Plastics 4' x 8' Supplied by user
Plywood Up to 4'x8' Supplied by user
Soft metals 4' x 8' Supplied by user

Machine Specifications

Materials Anything that does not contain iron